How To Reset Facebook ID Password


Easy Step to Reset facebook Id Password

Reset Facebook ID Password

Today I share to reset facebook id password if you forget your Facebook ID password or lost the facebook password then you come to right place.
Today I tell you how to reset facebook password.
How to reset facebook Password
1st: Go to
2nd: Click on Forgetten Password below

3rd: If your Facebook ID is in Gmail then enter Gmail ID
If your Facebook ID is on Phone Number then enter
Phone number

4th: After entering a phone number or email then Click on Search

5th: Now click On send code Via Email then click on Continue.
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If you enter phone number then 6 digit number code come in your mobile message box enter that in next screen box.

6th: Then click on continue
And in next screen enter new password then click on Continue.

Conguratulation your password is reset..
If you have problem then comment below..
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