How to Share Telenor Balance – 2018 Method


How to Share Telenor Balance

Now share Telenor balance with friends & family easily by using Telenor Smart share method. Hi, guys today I am going to share a method for to share Telenor Balance in the emergency to help someone. If your friends or member of the family is in trouble and he wants Telenor balance then you can use Telenor balance share method for to help them.

As from the name of the title of the post you already understand that today our topic is how to share Telenor balance. Many of the other networks also providing this service for to share the Balance. You can also check:

Before using this service please kindly also read the terms & condition of this service. There are some conditions applied to this service.

Share Telenor Balance – Complete Method with Code:

This service is only for the prepaid customer of the Telenor. If you are the postpaid customer then this service will not work on your Sim. There are also some charges on this service when you share Telenor balance with someone. Let’s start method how to share Telenor balance.

  • Open the Mobile Dial Pad
  • Dial *1*1*9234———*200#
  • For Example, You want to share Rs. 100 to the Number 03456789012 then enter the script like this *1*1*03456789012*100#. (*1*1*Number*Rupees#)

Note: Enter Balance From Rs 20 to 200

  • After entering this string Press on the call button.
  • A message will show on the screen for the confirmation.
  • Reply with 1 and your balance will be shared.

This balance can be used for SMS, Voice call & Digital services.

Note: If the balance is not getting shared or not working this method on your sim kindly Call to Telenor Helpline 345 for to activate the Telenor Smart share service.

Terms & Condition:

  • You must have enough balance in your account to share the Telenor balance.
  • There will be Rs. 3.99 +tax charges on this service.
  • You can share balance between Rs. 20 to Rs 200.
  • This service is only for the Prepaid Subscriber.
  • Telenor Smart Share code can be changed at any time.
  • If you Enter the wrong number and sent the balance to that number, then Telenor will not responsible for this and cannot be recoverable.
  • You can Share Telenor Balance three times a day.

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