Social Media Impact | How Social Media Drains Time


Social Media Impact | How Social Media Drains Time

Social Media: From the development of electronic computers in 1950, the history of internet begins. Initially, it starts with the Wide Area Network (WAN). They sent the first message through the net in 1960.

Till 1993 the amount of information transferred by two-way communication through internet is just 1%. But it has achieved the feet of 97% already in the year of 2007.

In about 7.5 billions of total population of the world, about 51.7% of people population use internet which is nearly 3.89 billion says the statistics as of July 2017.

Two simple statement will explain you, how the internet became people’s basic need.

People in 2000’s would have never thought about using a mobile for more than 6-8 hours a day. Still, some people may think funny because 8 hours is one-third of the day and almost half of waking hours in a day.

Young adults use mobile phones roughly twice the time they are actually estimated to do it. Also, the preliminary study says these young adults use mobile phones more than five hours a day, the study was conducted by British psychologists.

So what they do substantially for 5 hours a day? When it comes to young adults their 60% of total usage of mobile phones is mainly to take part in Social media. If you are interested in buying a new phone. It’s a Planned Obsolescence.

What is social media?

It is computer mediating online platform for electronic communications over people to share information, ideas, photos and videos over a closed community or an open community.

Let us have a look at the advantage and disadvantage.

Advantages of Social Media

#1.Connectivity: The first and foremost advantage of social media is connecting people. People from anywhere can connect anyone in the world. For example, Facebook created “Mark as safe” option to the people lives in the natural disaster affected area just for immediate communication.

#2.Business: Positive sharing and acknowledgment towards the company help in the development of the business. Providing advertisements for the reach is also one important thing. This on a whole is Social media marketing which is one big topic to deal with.

#3.Noble cause:¬† Helps in promoting the noble cause. Many NGO’s promote their self-ideas, social welfare activities and donation for needy. In Tamilnadu, a state in India had a protest to save their cultural game, in which people quoted that they united because of social media. Around 0.7 million people gathered in world’s second largest beach, Marina to protest for their rights says the top news channels in India.

#4.Education: Its a huge platform for people who interested in learning. People can educate themselves with experts and professionals videos in social media.

#5.News: Information and updates regarding anything are communicated through faster means to people in social media than any other media.

#6.Put in touch: Social media helps people to put in touch with anything you need like best schools for your kids, best health center, and many more solutions.

#7.Awareness: It provides awareness in many things. It helps in providing more ideas to farmers, students, teachers and many to know about the facts of improvement as highly deals with qualified professionals.

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Disadvantages of Social Media

#1.Cyberbullying: Many people have become a victim of cyberbullying says the report.  So many millions of money have been transferred every year since creating a fake account is so easy.

#2.Hacking: They can hack or share your personal data easily on the Internet. This has deteriorated many individuals lives. Several Facebook and Twitter accounts have hacked in the past. Everything is on the internet such as Wifi Hacker apps, How to root checker apps.

#3.Negative impacts: Many professional bike stunt videos are shared on social media and it reaches so many people around the world and getting famous. This inspires so many amateurs to give try which lasts to death.

#4.Health issue: As of the facts and statistics reported above in this article showed the time duration where people spend their time on social media. This makes them idle, which causes so many health issues. There is huge debate whether social media influence in stressing out.

#5.Time-consuming: As Mentioned above, Social media has conquered the Half working time. It reduces the time to spend with family and friends around you. Before 10 years people had so many hobbies but that group of things has now changed to chatting, newsfeed etc. which is all narrowed to one particular thing ‘Social Media’.

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About Facebook by Mark

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has felt bad for creating Facebook because many people spend their time on this. Even it makes more income to him. A report released in late January 2018. Says “In last three months, the users of Facebook has increased then the other quarters. It reduces the average usage time of Facebook”. Mark Zuckerberg has felt happy and gave a positive note on this report.

As a whole social media has both advantages and disadvantages for social media. A to Z things are available on social media.His/Her friend will share an interesting content while surfing through social media. Provides a better platform for learning new things and to develop an interest in new areas.

Now it’s us to decide which path to take up either the good or evil. Concluding the article with a note, despite social media there is also social reality.


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