Telenor Free Internet 2018 Setting All Apps Working


Telenor Free Internet 2018 All Apps Working Setting

Aslam o Alaikum all friends, I know you are in searching of Telenor free internet new setting, I have some over work that’s why I cannot publish some new posts. So today I want to share too many tricks of Telenor free internet 2018, that is working well. Here in this post, I will not share only one trick, but I will share too many tricks in one post. The first one trick of Telenor free net is by using the WebTunnel Application. We will use the Web Tunnel to access the Free Internet on Telenor. The Second one method we will use the Uc Handler browser to use free internet. The 3rd one tricks are about the HTTP injector, that how we can use the HTTP Injector to access the Free internet of Telenor. The fourth one is of the Proxy, we will do APN Proxy Port setting in the Mobile Network option to use the Telenor Free net in 2018.
If you have any problem in doing setting then you can contact us in the comment box or from Contact Us page. After ending of this month I will be getting live on this website for people help. And within some days I will also update a new feature on my own this website Techtoload.Com that is called Guest post. You will be allowed to do your own post publish on our own website.
Let’s come to the main post…

1st Method: Telenor Free Internet 2018 By Using Web Tunnel

In this method, we will use the Web Tunnel application to access the Free Internet on the Telenor. You need to follow the below all steps to access free internet.

Step 1. First of all download Webtunnel application from below link…

Download Web Tunnel APK

Step 2. After downloading the above Application open it.

Check New Setting: Telenor Free Internet Working Trick 2018

Now do the following some steps also you can see it in the screenshot.

Note: If you have own account of web tunnel then add that in the Web tunnel application.

  • First, choose the Free-Server-10., Canada from the apps host server list.
  • Second, Leave port 80
  • Third, Now in Head Host enter the host. And leave other settings. Also, see below screenshot.

Telenor free internet 2018Telenor new free internet

  • Fourth, Now click on Connect
  • Your Webtunnel will be connected within some moment and then you can do browsing and Download on the Telenor free internet

2nd Method: Telenor Free Internet 2018 on UC Handler New Setting

For to use Telenor new free internet setting only on UC Handler then do setting. Also, screenshots provided below.

Step 1. Fist of All Goes to the Mobile Network setting and choose the Default APN of the Telenor.

Step 2. Now Open the UC Handler Mini and go the Handler setting menu.  And do the below settings.

  • Choose Refer Type= Query Refer
  • Enter in Backquery
  • Enter Proxy Server
  • Tick on Remove port
  • Choose Real Proxy Type=Socks
  • Enter in Real Proxy Server
  • Enter Real Proxy Port 80 or 8080

Telenor new free internet Telenor free internet 2018Telenor free internet 2018 Telenor free internet 2018 Telenor free internet 2018 Telenor free internet 2018 Telenor free internet 2018

  • Now Save Uc Handler Setting and open any website your free internet will be work.

If free internet is not working then check the above setting in your Mobile, and do it correctly. Otherwise, check the Other methods.

3rd Method: Telenor Free Net 2018 By Using the HTTP Injector

Here in this method, we are going to use the HTTP injector application. I hope you will like this one method also.

Step 1. First of all Download the HTTP Injector from below download button.

Download Http Injector

Step 2. Now Download the Config file of HTTP Injector that I made. Save it in your Phone because we will use this file to access the free internet using HTTP Injector

Download Telenor Free Internet File.ehi

Step 3. Now Open the HTTP Injector Application and you are Agree to the Terms & Condition of the HTTP Injector.

Step 4. You will see a File Button near the Setting Gear button. Tap on the File Button and then Go to Import File. Now your Mobile Root Folder will be Open, Go to the Desired location where you saved the file.

Step 5. After Importing this Config File, you will need to enter the SSH account in the HTTP injector Application Setting.

Step 6. For to create an account of SSH, visit the FastSSH site for to get Sign Up, Because by this We will Bypass the Country and Our IP address will be changed.

Step 7. Now go to SSH Setting as Shown in the Screenshot and Enter the Username and password of your SSH Account.

Step 8. You completed your all Steps, now kindly Save it and Click on Start Button. Http Injector will be connected and You can enjoy Telenor Free Internet 2018 Unlimited.

4th Method: Telenor Free Internet 2018 Proxy Working

In this method you will need to do APN setting, you do not need to use any Application like HTTP injector or WebTunnel to use the Telenor Free Internet. Here we will provide you only Proxy and port to use free internet on UC Browser, Opera Mini, Default Browser or on Chrome Browser. you can do Browsing and Download both on Telenor free net. Not only this you can also download Application from the Play store free of cost. Let’s start and follow the steps and make own Custom APN.

Step 1. Go to the Mobile Setting -> Mobile Networks -> APN -> Create New APN.

Step 2. Now write the following setting in APN.

  1. Apn: Internet
  2. Proxy:
  3. Port: 80

Step 4. After doing this setting Save it. Now Connect your Mobile Data and enjoy the Free Internet on any browser.

Note: Do not use these tricks if you have balance in your SIM card, otherwise Balance will be Charged on using the internet.  Check All Tricks on Zero Balance.

Telenor Free Internet 2018 Code:

Here we will Provide some list of Code to get Free MB or Free GB from Telenor to use the Free Internet.


These are some Codes to get the Free MB or GB on Telenor. But if you know some other codes share with us we will share here in this post. For to Check Free MB Dial


Note: These codes can be expired at any time. So use as soon as you can.

Telenor Free Whatsapp Code 2018.

At last, I want to share the trick of using free Whatsapp on Telenor. You can read our Telenor Free Whatsapp Trick Post.

  1. Simply Open your Mobile Dial Pad
  2. Enter this code, *311# after some moments you will receive an activation message of free WhatsApp.
  3. Then you can use Free WhatsApp on Telenor.

If you did not get Whatsapp free then Kindly check below one trick that is working and I am using.

Telenor Free Whatsapp 2018

From Longtime I am using free WhatsApp on Telenor. You can also use Telenor Free Whatsapp by doing these some simple steps. You will get Free Whatsapp for one week.

Step 1. First of all Download the WowBox

Download WowBox Play Store

Step 2. After downloading and installing the Wowbox open it. Register your Telenor Mobile Number on it.

Step 3. After registration Login your WowBox account. Go to Store

Step 4. You will see One Week Free Whatsapp option, Tap on it & Claim this Offer, After some loading, you will receive SMS of Free Whatsapp Activation for one week. If you did not get any SMS then kindly Dial *999#, you will see there Free Whatsapp Activated.

I hope you will like our this post and you are using Telenor Free Internet 2018 . And you also share it with friends on Twitter Facebook and Google Plus.

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