Zong SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly


Zong SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong 4G a new dream of the people is providing cheap and reliable services to its customer. As well as Zong is providing cheap internet packages to its, on another hand it also providing cheap Zong SMS Packages to its customer with free Whatsapp DATA bundle from which customer can get benefit from it. By subscribing one service customer can get two benefit from it one is Free SMS & MMS and the second one is Free Whatsapp Bundle. Zong is China Mobile company that is providing Internet, Voice Call and the SMS bundle for to do communication with friends and family.

Zong Daily SMS Packages:

Zong provides daily SMS Packages to its customer with 30MB Whatsapp Data that is affordable.

Zong Daily SMS Package

NetworkProductDaily SMS + Whatsapp BundleZulu SMS Bundle
Price3.99 + taxRs. 2.50 + Tax
SMS500SMS/Day500 SMS/day
Whatsapp Free MB30MB/Day NA
ValidityMidnight same dayMidnight same day
Subscription MethodDial *700# and reply with 1
SMS " sub " to 700
Just Dial *704# or SMS < sub > to 704
UnSubscription MethodSend 'unsubscribe' or 'unsub' to 700 (FOC)Send 'unsub' to 704

Zong Weekly SMS Packages:

NetworkProductWeekly SMS Bundle
PriceRs. 14 + Tax
MMS ----
Whatsapp Free MB200MB
Validity7 Days
Subscription Method*702#
SMS "sub" to 700
UnSubscription MethodSend 'unsubscribe' or 'unsub' to 700

Zong Monthly SMS Packages:

NetworkProductMonthly SMS + Whatsapp Bundle
PriceRs. 50 + Tax
SMS500 SMS/day for 30 days
MMS -----
Whatsapp Free MB30 MB/day for 30 days
Validity30 Days
Subscription MethodTo subscribe, just dial *705# or Just SMS < sub > to 700
UnSubscription MethodSend 'unsubscribe' or 'unsub' to 700

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